Performance and Quality Indicators

As part of our accreditation, JFS has a comprehensive Performance and Quality Indicators (PQI) process that measures outcomes and the quality of service delivery. The goal of PQI is to create an organization-wide performance and quality improvement system that uses data to promote efficient, effective service delivery and achievement of the organization’s mission and strategic goals.

Areas measured in PQI include:

  • Operations and management
  • Case record reviews
  • Risk management
  • Client satisfaction
  • Client outcomes

JFS has a PQI Work Team that consists of the PQI Coordinator (the agency’s Chief Operating Officer) and designated staff who work to gather data and prepare it for reporting. Outcomes are then reviewed in a quarterly meeting by a PQI Committee. The Committee is composed of management and non-management staff, board members, and other stakeholders such as volunteers, community members, and clients or client family members. The findings presented to the Committee are compared against benchmarks for achievement. Based on this, we determine any need for changes to our programs and results are reported internally and externally.

Archive of Previous PQI Committee Presentations

The results of PQI are utilized to improve programming, service delivery, and management. Our goal is for PQI to be a transparent process. Below are the most recent year’s PQI Committee meeting presentations and our most recent Annual Report. These presentations include the results of the measures lists above, with a focus on our accredited programs.

2023-2024 PQI Committee Presentations

PQI – January 2023

PQI – April 2023

PQI – July 2023

PQI – October 2023

PQI – January 2024

2022 Annual Report

Sharing Your Thoughts

We welcome your feedback! If you have something you’d like us to know about the PQI process, or any of the information on this page or in the archive, please let us know. You can use the feedback box below and a member of the JFS staff will review. If it is general feedback, we will take it into consideration. If you would like a follow-up, please include your contact information in your submission and we will reach out as soon as possible.
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