Jewish Family Services Hartford

A Community Social Services Agency

Jewish Family Services aides the community by providing social services to those in need

Jewish Family Services Mission

Jewish Family Services enhances and strengthens quality of life through the Jewish tradition of caring and compassion

Vision for People We Serve

Everyone in our community has a path to a stable and emotionally healthy life

Operating Framework

JFS achieves its vision and mission through this operating framework:

  • Serving the Jewish community AND the community at large
  • Helping individuals and families progress toward emotional well-being, self-reliance, and more positive relationships
  • Focusing on counseling, supporting daily living skills, and meeting basic human needs
  • Providing a safe and supportive environment

Our Values

JFS structure, decisions and actions are guided by these values:

  • The highest professional standards in counseling, service delivery, and advocacy
  • Welcoming, caring, and non-judgmental
  • Commitment to stewardship to maximize the philanthropy of our donors
  • Affordability so that anyone can benefit from JFS expertise and programs

Strategic Impact

Over the next five years, the following will have the greatest strategic impact on JFS:

  • Introduction of one or more new programs to reinforce JFS’ responsiveness to constantly changing community needs
  • Expansion or creation of one or more partnerships so that the Jewish community can leverage the combined strengths of JFS and complementary agencies
  • Significantly stronger development program
  • Internal culture that recognizes the importance of marketing as a tool for helping more people, and that actively supports marketing efforts

Vision for JFS as an Agency

The organization that the Jewish community, and the community at large, turns to for behavioral health, at-home care, and basic human needs

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