Leave a legacy by creating an endowment for JFS Hartford

Leave a Legacy

Our legacy donors are individuals just like you, who are committed to putting everyone in our community on a path to a stable, safe, and emotionally healthy life today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

By becoming a JFS Legacy Donor, you will ensure we:

  • Respond to changing community, social, and economic situations through the lens of Jewish values
  • Provide high-quality service and compassionate care to all who need it, regardless of ability to pay
  • Provide critical social services when unforeseen crises occur
  • Help individuals and families overcome life’s challenges

Please JOIN US in securing the future of compassionate service for generations to come.  There are a number of different ways to leave your legacy at JFS.

Reach out to Elisabeth Kostin, director of development, at (860) 236-1927 or ekostin@jfshartford.org for more information.

You can Help Secure a Strong Future for our Jewish Community

Jewish Family Services of Greater Hartford is partnering with 14 local Jewish Community organizations and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation in the Life & Legacy program to ensure our vibrant, joyous Jewish community thrives for generations to come. Leaving a legacy is simple. Some options include a gift in a will or trust; gift of life insurance or retirement funds; Charitable Gift Annuity or Charitable Remainder Trust.

Want to learn more?

Watch the video to learn about the Life & Legacy program or contact Elisabeth Kostin, director of development, at ekostin@jfshartford.org for more information.

Jewish Family Services of Greater Hartford has been chosen for Endow Hartford 21!

With hundreds of worthy nonprofit organizations in Greater Hartford, JFS has been chosen to participate in a new matching gift endowment campaign, Endow Hartford 21,  the first community-wide campaign of its type in our region. Including JFS in this campaign is a recognition of our important role as a critical economic engine and an integral part of the extraordinarily rich quality of life in our region. We are honored to have been selected.

About Endow Hartford 21
Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford Donation Form

How much can our organization receive in matching funds as of now?
As of July 9th, we have $1,520,000.00 in matching funds committed. Therefore, each of the 51 participating organizations has $29,803.92 in matching funds available to them, upon raising $59,607.84. As we raise more match money, the new funds will be distributed equally among each of the participating organizations as part of their potential match allotment.

How much can our organization receive in matching funds if more match money is raised?
Henry’s goal is $3 million in matching funds. If the $3 million matching fund goal is reached, the 51 participating organizations will have the opportunity to fundraise $117,647.00 and receive the maximum match of $58,823.00. Whatever amount is raised in matching funds will be equally divided among each of the participating organizations as part of their potential match allotment.

Will my match allotment be given away to other organizations that raise money faster than we do?
The matching funds will not be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Each organization has a fair and equal opportunity to raise the funds needed to utilize their full match allotment in the given time period, from June 2021 to June 2022.

What if organizations do not raise enough to receive their full allotted match by June 2022?
At the end of the campaign, if there are matching funds leftover that organizations did not utilize, we are committed to dispersing the remaining matching funds to those agencies that went over the maximum.

How can we track our fundraising and progress in attaining our full match allotment?
We will send a scorecard of gifts received and funds matched on a regular basis.

When will the match be made? Will there be multiple matches throughout the year?
Matches will be made monthly as gifts come in. Therefore, there will be multiple matches throughout the year.