Jewish Family Services
Social Services Agency Staff

The professional social services agency staff of Jewish Family Services Hartford is dedicated to serving the community with mental health counseling.

Please see the announcement concerning our new CEO, Katie Hanley.


Katie Hanley

Chief Executive Officer

extension 7087 • email

Miriam Brander

Chief Operating Officer

extension 7094 • email

Anita Tremarche

Director of Finance

extension 7099 • email

Patricia Kiely

Project Manager

extension 7089 • email

Elaine H. Reid

Care at Home by JFS

extension 7093 • email

Steph MacGillivary

Director of Marketing

extension 7083 • email

Laura Maltz Rozza

Director of Grants

extension 7091 • email

Elisabeth Kostin

Director of Development

extension 7080 • email

Clinical Staff

Lu Abbatemarco, LCSW

Individuals, Families and Couples

extension 7098 • email

Svetlana Berlinsky, LCSW

Russian Adult and Senior Counseling

extension 7092 • email

Nancy Lichtenberg, LCSW

Adult and Couple Counseling

extension 7116 • email

Ann Osoba, LCSW

Child and Adolescent Counseling

extension 7115 • email

Colleen Porth, LCSW

Young Adults and Adult Counseling

extension 7139 • email

Dr. Gurender Sahani, MD

Medical Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services

extension 7127

Kim Whittingham, LPC

Children, Youth, and Families

extension 7082 • email

Mary Beth Lang, LCSW



Jonas R. Steiner, LCSW

Behavioral Health Clinician

Ext. 7114 • email

Zach Schoenholtz

School Social Worker


Program Staff

Cody Daigle-Orians

Community Programs Manager

extension 7125 • email

Clina Dawes

TANF Case Manager

extension 7097 • email

Iris Hooks

VOCA Case Manager

extension 7084 • email

Erica Kapiloff

Senior Case Manager, Holocaust Survivor Program

extension 7131 • email

Zenobia McKnight

Administrative Assistant

extension 0 • email

Marcia Mizrahi

Administrative Assistant

extension 7112 • email

Patti Weiner

Development Officer

extension 7129 • email

Laura Smith

Development and Marketing Associate

extension 7128 • email

Joe Barbagallo

Food Pantry Operations Coordinator


Jennifer Alexander

Senior Isolation Technology Coordinator