Jewish Family Services of Greater Hartford

A note from Anne Danaher, Executive Director:

JFS has a comprehensive Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) Plan that includes all programs and management areas. We have a PQI Committee comprised of a variety of stakeholders, including Board members, management, staff members from all levels, representatives from two of our colleague agencies, and client family members. We believe in building our programs and services on evidence-based outcomes and in using this data to make us accountable for successfully serving the community.

Here are some specific GOALS for some key PROGRAMS and our RESULTS against these benchmarks for FY 2014. JFS is proud of these achievements and the PQI Committee is pleased to share this data with our community. If you would like further information on our PQI results, please feel free to contact me via email

Program Goal Results
JETS Program Responsiveness 75% agree that JETS staff have been receptive to their needs and no more than 5% disagree (annual survey) 74% strongly agree 26% agree, 0 disagree Exceeded goal
Mental Health Counseling Records 75% of clinical record files will be complete (random peer review) 81% of record files were complete Met goal
Finance/Billing Errors Fewer than 5% of fees will need adjustments due to billing errors (billing reports) 2.2% adjustment Exceeded Goal
Parent Education Program Outcomes 100% of participants find class was somewhat or very helpful in learning how to resolve divorce conflicts (evaluations) 89% Very Helpful 11% Somewhat Helpful Met Goal