Jewish Family Services of Greater Hartford

Parent Education Program (PEP), provided by Jewish Family Services counselors, helps couples going through divorce or separation support their children.

Skilled therapists reinforce positive behaviors and identify negative behaviors to help parents focus on their children's needs during the challenge of separation or divorce.  The program includes information about children’s development stages, healthy adjustment to separation, cooperative parenting, conflict management, and dispute resolution techniques, guidelines for visitation, and stress reduction for children.  The program is a total of six hours.

For more information about PEP, please email Nancy Lichtenberg or call her at 860-236-1927 x7116.  In addition to programs and counseling for adults, JFS offers counseling for children through our Benet Rothstein Children’s Clinic, including a group specifically for children of divorced families.

PEP is mandated by the State of Connecticut for divorcing parents of children under 18.  Jewish Family Services is an authorized PEP provider through a State of Connecticut contract administered by the Connecticut Council of Family Service Agencies.  Contact JFS directly to register for an upcoming PEP session which are listed on our calendar.