Focus on Kids

The FOCUS on K.I.D.S. program is for parents who may be locked in high-conflict battles or who just need a little assistance with their communication and decision-making.  Parents schedule one-hour meetings with a trained social worker.  Some parents come to only three meetings.  Other parents need to come to ten or more meetings.  The program is designed to meet every family’s individual goals.  

JFS co-parent counselors work with parents to cut through the conflict so that parents can do what is necessary for the sake of their children.  Just like attorneys or GALs might be wonderful resources with whom parents can consult when they are finding difficulty resolving conflicts with the other parent, Focus on KIDS can be a wonderful resource as well.  What distinguishes Focus on KIDS from lawyers and guardians is that our counselors are not related to the legal system in any way.  If you are a parent who feels as though the courts are making decisions that really should belong to you, you might want to consult with a Focus on KIDS counselor.  Focus on KIDS is designed to put the control back in the hands of parents and to relieve them of their reliance on the courts to solve parenting issues.  For many parents, this has been a successful alternative to motioning the courts for help with parenting decisions.  This approach is not therapy.  It is not aimed at resolving old issues that existed in the parents’ relationship.  Focus on KIDS is designed to be business meetings that help parents to focus on the business of raising children together.  It helps parents to avoid allowing the other parent to provoke them emotionally and to not feel as if you are a victim of the other parent’s behavior.  It helps parents show to their kids how adults can effectively express their feelings and resolve their conflicts, so the kids are free to be kids.  

For more information about Focus on KIDS, please call 860-236-1927, extension 0.