Jewish Family Services has both a board certified adult psychiatrist and a board certified child psychiatrist on staff.

Our psychiatrists provide initial diagnostic assessment for clients, prescribe medication if warranted, and provide ongoing medication management and monitoring, as needed. 

Collaboration is fundamental to effective mental health treatment.  All JFS psychiatry clients also work with a JFS social worker.  Together, the social worker therapist and the psychiatrist operate as a treatment team on behalf of all psychiatry clients.  Families are highly engaged in the treatment process for clients seeing our child psychiatrist.

In addition, the JFS psychiatrists consult with a client’s primary care physician and other medical professionals involved with the client’s care as needed, and with client permission.  

Children, adolescents, and adults who have a history of multiple inpatient hospitalizations for psychiatric reasons or behavior that requires a structured program are NOT appropriate for treatment at Jewish Family Services.

For more information, please email or call Jewish Family Services at 860-236-1927.