Marriage and Couples Counseling

Has your relationship hit a temporary rough patch?  Are you on the verge of separation?  Are you somewhere in between?  Do you want to heal your relationship?

The licensed marriage and family therapists at Jewish Family Services of Greater Hartford help married and unmarried couples, heterosexual and LGBT couples work through relationship challenges.

Our approach to marriage counseling and couples therapy is to listen and ask questions, to prompt self-reflection and insight.  This can help both people in the relationship move beyond frustrations and resentments, and toward the goal of building trust and developing a greater understanding of their partner’s perspective and needs.

Unsure about whether couples therapy will work for you?  According to research done by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, families and couples who participate in therapy sessions indicate extremely high levels of patient satisfaction.  And JFS services are usually covered by insurance.

For more information about how our licensed counselors and therapists can help support your relationship, please email or call Jewish Family Services at 860-236-1927.