Family Counseling

If your family life is more stressful than you’d like it to be, if marital strain or issues with a child are rippling through your home, family counseling might be helpful.  

Family counseling helps each family member recognize how they contribute to the family dynamic.  It helps everyone understand each other’s stressors and motivators, concerns and hopes, perspective and commitments.  It teachers family members how to support one another, and that ultimately each individual can only control their own responses to the actions of others.

For years, the highly qualified, licensed marriage and family therapists at Jewish Family Services have been helping families throughout West Hartford, Bloomfield and the Greater Hartford area.  Often family therapy at JFS can be less expensive than seeing a psychologist, and we take most insurance.

For more information about how our licensed counselors and therapists can help support your family, please email or call the Jewish Family Services at 860-236-1927.