Jewish Family Services supports the range of emotional and mental health needs of adults living with moderate intellectual and developmental disability.

Individual therapy can be helpful with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, socialization difficulties, adjustment and attachment issues.  All therapy is tailored to individual needs and helps clients fully interact with the community and achieve maximum independence in the least restrictive way. 

We also assess and support family members and caregivers in coping with the emotional impact of caring for a loved one with disability.  Family therapy can offer education, support and strategies to assist with care giving.

As part of our collaborative approach to disability services we also work with community partners, particularly the Jewish Association for Community Living, to promote meaningful participation in the community and minimize barriers that prevent individuals from accessing services. 

All of our services are strength-based, building on the unique strengths that each client possesses.  Also, our services are informed and guided by values of the importance of the family unit, the full acceptance and inclusion of people with disabilities in the larger community, and self-determination, dignity, and respect. 

Attendance ranges from weekly to monthly sessions, based on individual needs.

For more information, please email or call Jewish Family Services at 860-236-1927.